Our Story

5 Elements West transports masterfully crafted products such as woodwork, custom metal assemblies, kitchens, bathrooms, office furniture, stone, tile, plumbing fixtures, custom hardware, etc., making them available to developers and design professionals in the West. Our mission is to transform residential and commercial spaces into fine living and working environments.

The forces of globalization have created new avenues for partnerships and 5 Elements West embraces this synergy by delivering value-added products to designers and owners. The obstacles of distance and language have been eliminated, and by tapping into worldwide manufacturing expertise, we have given developers access to the benefits of participation in the global economy — always delivering the highest level of design but without the barriers or budget constraints often associated with fine luxury products.

We are pleased to bring you these elegant, high-design products, allowing you to incorporate the principals of the 5 Elements into your design vision for holistic living and working space.

Because the world is your palette.